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National Institute of Design (NID) is Indias premiere design university. The Ahmedabad campus offers both UG and PG Programs. NID Ahmedabad offers a 4 year Bachelor of Design (B.Des) programs in 3 faculties Industrial Design, Communication Design and Textile & Apparel design at Design their campuses at Ahmedabad. NID also offers a 2.5 year post-graduate Master of Design (M.Des) programs in 19 different design disciplines at their campusses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bangalore.

The Vijayawada campus offers a four year Graduate Diploma Program in Design (GDPD).

The objective of the admission process is to seek evidence of the perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation essential in a potential design student.

NID has a 3 stage admission process - Stage 1 is the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and Stage 2 is the Studio Test and Stage 3 is Personal Interview with Portfolio Review. Prospective students need to keep a track on the application deadlines and apply for the DAT. Those who clear DAT will have to prepare themselves for the Studio Test. They also get a chance to showcase their portfolio during a personal interview with a panel.

  • Last date to submit the application form was 27th November 2015. Keep watching this page for the next year application details
  • Stage 1: Design Aptitude Test (DAT) was conducted on 10th January 2016
  • For results of the Design Aptitude Test (DAT), please click here
  • Online availability of Admit Cards for Studio Test & are expected on 29th February (B. Des). For M. Des., the online admit cards have been available since February 12th.
  • Stage 2 & 3: Studio Test and Interview dates for B. Des is 17th May - 24th May 2016. For M. Des, it is 19th March to 15th April 2016.
  • Declaration of Final Results is expected on 31st May 2016

NID offers 8 disiplines for the UG Programme:

Note: Number of seats indicated are for

Communication Design

  • Animation Film Design (15 seats)
  • Film & Video Communication (10 seats)
  • Exhibition (Spatial) Design (10 seats)
  • Graphic Design (15 seats)

Industrial Design

  • Ceramic and Glass Design (10 seats)
  • Furniture Design (10 seats)
  • Product Design (15 seats)

Textile, Apparel & Lifestyle Accessory Design

  • Textile Design (15 seats)

The seats above are indicated for the NID Ahmedabad campus only. The total number of seats under all categories (including reservation) is 100 available to Indian Students. The college has an additional 15 seats for overseas applicants.

NID Vijayawada offers a total of 60 seats in Industrial Design, Communications Design and Textile & Apparel Design

Note: The first 2 semesters (1 year) is a foundation program. Allotment of a discipline of choice at the end of the foundation programme is based solely on the student’s performance and on the number of seats available in the desired discipline.

NID offers 19 disiplines for the PG Programme in various campusses:


  • Animation Film Design (15 seats)
  • Ceramic and Glass Design (10 seats)
  • Furniture Design (15 seats)
  • Film & Video Communication (15 seats)
  • Graphic Design (15 seats)
  • Product Design (15 seats)
  • Textile Design (15 seats)


  • Apparel Design (15 seats)
  • Lifestyle Accessory Design (15 seats)
  • New Media Design (15 seats)
  • Photography Design (15 seats)
  • Strategic Design Management (15 seats)
  • Toy and Game Design (10 seats)
  • Transportation and Automobile Design (15 seats)


  • Design for Retail Experience (15 seats)
  • Digital Game Design (15 seats)
  • Information Design (15 seats)
  • Interaction Design (15 seats)
  • Universal Design (15 seats)

Additionally, there are 2 seats for each discipline reserved for overseas applicants

Aspiring candidates can apply to a maximum of only 2 disciplines for the Master of Design program.

The Design Aptitude Test (DAT) tests applicants for Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Creativity

  1. There will be ONE question paper of 3 hours duration
  2. The question paper will be in English
  3. The question paper will carry a total of 100 marks
  4. Section A carrying 70 marks will be of Multiple Choice Objective type questions
  5. Section B carrying 30 marks will be of subjective type questions
  6. All questions are compulsory
  7. There will be no negative marking

YES. The latest sample DAT Test paper (2016) is available here

For more information, contact our expert counsellor who can help you get access to multiple training packages and mock tests

To get into NID, it is crucial that you prepare holistically for the NID Entrance exam. Since you get only one chance in a year, your preparation cannot be taken lightly.

At DQ Labs, we always recommend that you start early. While your 12th Standard board results are not considered for admission into NID, you still need to do well! Your participation in extra curricular activities like sports, music etc. does help when you do go for your Stage 3 Personal Interview round.

If you are in the 10th Standard:

  • You could take the 2 year preparation course where you will experience Design Exploration, Foundation, Creative & Analytical Thinking, Communication of your thoughts through drawings, Various required Software, portfolio development and all related skill sets required to crack the NID entrance exam. You will be given multiple levels of exercises of varying intensities.
  • You will be free to do this at your own pace and assimilate all the concepts being taught through 2 years.
  • The most significant advantage is that you can balance your studies, extra curricular activities and preparation for the NID Exam

If you are in the 11th Standard:

  • You could take the 1 year preparation course where you will go through all the topics that are required to ace the NID Entrance Exam. Creative & Analytical Thinking, Development of Drawing Skills, Software, portfolio development and all related skill sets are some of what is covered in preparation for the NID entrance exam. Additionally, you will be and be given multiple assignments of varying difficulty levels.
  • In the 11th / 12th standard, your focus on your academics is extremely important. Your preparation for NID must be balanced along with your studies. With the 1 year preparation package, You will be able to prepare for the NID Test throughout the year. You will also have the time to absorb all the concepts being taught.

If you have started / already in your 12th Standard:

  • You have limited time to excel in your performance. Your effort along with guidance from DQ Labs will ensure that you have the winning combination to crack all 3 stages of the NID Exam!
  • Our short term courses incorporate flexibility and range from 10 days to 6 month Course where you will go through all the topics that are required for the NID Entrance Exam within the time constraints that you have. Additionally, you will be and be given assignments based on the topics that you have covered.

Mock Tests: DQ Labs provides various mock tests for all our students. Please contact our Expert Counsellor for more details.

If you have already cleared the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) DQ Labs can guide you with:

  • Studio Test Preparation: You are in the perfect place to capitalize on our expert guidance to prepare you completely for the studio test including craftwork, clay modelling, audio-visual round etc.
  • Portfolio Guidance: We will also guide you to best showcase your portfolio. Our portfolio guidance has helped students get into NID and other top Global universities like Carnegie Melon, Instito Europeo di Design etc.
  • Interview Preparation: Our intensive preparation to crack interviews to NID and other design universities has lead to the success of hundreds of our students!

You can also go through the DQ Labs blogs which have a lot of information with respect to preparation for NID and other Design entrance exams.

For more information on the courses provided by DQ Labs, you can Click here

Alternately, you can contact our expert counsellors for more information

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